Wear Resistant Aluminium Oxide Ceramic Polished Processing Tube / Rod / Pipe / Roller

Plaats van herkomst: Yixing, China
Merknaam: FFTC
Certificering: ISO9001:2008
Min. bestelaantal: 1000pcs
Prijs: Negotiation
Verpakking Details: karton en houten krat
Levertijd: 3 - 4 weken
Betalingscondities: MoneyGram, T/T
Levering vermogen: 1000000/year
kleur: Wit Materiaal: Alumina Zirconiumdioxyde
Grondstof: Ceramisch Alumina Bulkdichtheid: 3.65
Waterabsorptie: 0% Het werk Temperatuur: 1400℃-1650℃
Toepassing: Industriële Ceramisch Pakket: Houten Doos

Good wear resistant polished processing ceramics alumina ceramic tube / rod / pipe / roller / for high temperature


Product Description

1. Material: 99% alumina, corundum-mullite ceramic, zirconium oxide ceramics optional

2. Shape: we are able to supply a variety of the shape of ceramic crucibles, including cylinder, rectangular, square, boat and so on.

3. Features: all ceramic crucibles are with excellent chemical resistance, thermal - shock performance.

4. Working temperature: It can be work under max. 1650℃ long term.

5. Application: They are commonly used in a variety of metal or non-metal melting material, or melting items analysis in the lab, also it's a regular application for smelting & sintering for phosphors, rare earth material, precious metals.  


Name Ceramic Tube
Size Customerized
Advantage High Strength;High Hardness;Insulation;High Temperature Resistance;Oxidation Resistance;Corrosion Resistance;Abrasion Resistance......

Mechanical Seals;Electronics;Instrumentation;Sensor;

Transport;Communication;Other occasions areas......


95% / 99% / 99.7% AL2O3 ceramic material parameter

Item Test condition 95% AL2O3 99% AL2O3 99.7% AL2O3
Bulk Density (g/cm3)   >3.6 3.89 3.96
Maximum Use Temp(°C)   1450 1600 1650
Water Absorption(%}   0 0 0
ROHS Hardness   >85 >89 >89
Flexural Strength MPa(psiX l〇3) 20°C 358(52) 550 550
Compressive Strength MPa(psi X l〇3) 20°C 2068(300) 2600(377) 2600(377)
Fracture Toughness Mpa m1/2 K(lc) 4-5 5.6 6

Thermal Expansion


25-1000〇 C 7.6 7.9 8.2

Thermal Conductivity

Coefficient(W/m° K}

206C 16 30.0 30.4
Thermal Shock Resistance(°C) △Tc 250 200 200
Dielectricity Constant 1MHz. 250℃ 9 9.7 9.7

Dielectric Strength (ac-kV/mm)(ac









Volume Resistivity(ohm-cm) 100°C







Wear Resistant Aluminium Oxide Ceramic Polished Processing Tube / Rod / Pipe / Roller 0


Wear Resistant Aluminium Oxide Ceramic Polished Processing Tube / Rod / Pipe / Roller 1




1) High density
2) Strong
3) Good bending strength and fracture toughness
4) Zirconia ceramics will not wear easily
5) Acid-proof, alkali-proof
6) Mainly used in electronics, electrical appliances, mechanical and textile industries
7) We can produce zirconia ceramic parts according to clients' specifications and even according to molds or drawings provided by the client




Q: How long is the delivery time usually?

A: Product delivery is subject to order quantity and processing requirements, and different product delivery times are inconsistent. Generally speaking, the delivery time of 1-2 common product samples is about 35 days.

Q: Is it possible to provide samples?

A: We can supply 1-2 samples, but we do not bear the shipping cost of the samples.

Q: Which payment methods are supported?

A: T/T; credit card. Currently our company supports these two payment methods.

Q: What is the shipping date? How long can I ship?

A1: Shipped within 72 hours after the balance is settled
A2: After the production of the product is completed and passed the internal inspection of the company, we will send the finished product image to the customer for confirmation. After the balance is settled, all the products will be sent to the customer's designated delivery location.